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BHP Consulting Ltd. Announces Rebrand to MP Ventures & Trusts

Founder of BHP Consulting, Francois-Xavier Morency has recently announced the rebranding of BHP Consulting to MP Ventures & Trusts.

NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, December 1, 2022 / — BHP Consulting Ltd. is duly registered as a Newfoundland corporation and is a current shareholder in the Great Northern Port Project. Francois-Xavier Morency, Founder, and Partner of MP Ventures and Trusts has announced a change in the company’s name and business purposes, merging investment and consulting services to small family trusts.

Morency, working alongside human rights professional Nicole Parsons, is incorporating both aspects of their professions into a singular purpose. Morency Parsons Asset Management will act as an investment company for startups and private equity style, as well as a small consulting arm focusing on managing small to medium family trusts.

“We noticed a blank space in the market as big cabinets charge a lot for management services, making them out of reach for these small family trusts,” said Mr. Morency, private investor, and trustee. “With this transition, we hope to reach more clients that are looking to create a legacy for their families for years to come.”

Francois-Xavier Morency is a private investor, sommelier, and former business development manager for large global shipping companies, Lending his expertise to businesses in the early stages of growth or initial startup. He was previously the managing director for Maersk Supply Services in Canada and is currently the principal consultant for his firm, MP Ventures & Trusts.


For more information on Francois-Xavier Morency, please visit his Linkedin profile.


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