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Francois-Xavier Morency Donates to the University of Sherbrooke Foundation

Chemical engineer and alumni Francois-Xavier Morency supports the University of Sherbrooke Foundation.

QUEBEC, Canada (PRUnderground) October 28th, 2022

Francois-Xavier Morency generously donates to the University of Sherbrooke Foundation, directed towards the School of Engineering Annual Campaign 2021-2022. The university is located in southern Quebec, Canada, and is a French-speaking institution of which Mr. Morency is part of the 40th promotion of chemical engineering.

“I am proud to support undergraduate students knowing that they will in turn be proud standard bearers for the university and contribute meaningfully to our society.,” says Francois-Xavier Morency. “The Engineering program at Sherbrooke is a demanding endeavor that allows its students to enter their careers with great confidence.  It gives them a basis should they elect to do graduate studies, start a business, or work in technical disciplines.”

The University of Sherbrooke hosts more than 30,000 students from over 88 countries and more than 6000 employees and faculty. The university has three distinct campuses: the Main Campus, which features most of the faculties and centers, the Health Campus for biomedical research and clinical intervention, and the Longueuil Campus which provides material and logistical support to the hundreds of programs in the institution.

Francois-Xavier Morency had graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in the 40th promotion of chemical engineering. He was previously an integral part of the management and business development strategy for Schlumberger. He would go on to work as Managing Director of Canadian Supply Services Operations for A.P. Møller-Mærsk.

Morency is currently a shareholder in the GNPNL.CA investment project through MP Ventures & Trusts.

To learn more about the University of Sherbrooke, visit their website at

For more information on Francois-Xavier Morency, please visit his Linkedin profile.

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